New Surrogacy Services In Quinte West!

Starting a family is one of the most exciting times for potential parents. It can be one of the longest, most heartbreaking journey for some as well. Many women struggle for years to start a family. Other families may be same sex couples who would like to experience the joy of starting a family. Or for whatever reason, whether personal or health related, parents may prefer the support of a surrogate to complete their family.

I have had the joy of capturing beautiful moments for surrogate families in the past and it is always a time of great excitement. I love seeing new families with their little ones and it brought me so much joy to know that my friend, Anna Siwokoti, has expanded her wellness centre to be able to offering services for families who are considering surrogacy. Whether they are offering themselves to help a struggling family, or maybe they are a family looking for a surrogate. The Fearless Wellness Centre and Fearless Surrogacy Team is prepared to help you make those connections. The offer therapeutic services such as matching families with a surrogate, counselling and support throughout your entire pregnancy via reiki, natural therapy and doula services.

Anyone interested in becoming a surrogate, or intended parents, are encouraged to seek services with the Fearless Surrogacy Team. They are available to support you and answer any questions you may have.

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