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Hey Mama!! I am here to give you ALL the details on one of the most empowering decisions of your journey in parenthood. You may have just found out that you are expecting a new baby- congrats! I am SO happy for you! I hope we get the chance to meet. Choosing your prenatal care provider can be a tough choice. While we have some really excellent OBGYN's in Belleville, Ontario, we also have an extremely special team of midwives!!

Take it from me, I am a mama of 4, I have had different births for each and every one of my babies. I have personally had 4 different OBGYN's, but I also had the midwives for one of my births and I felt ever so lucky. Let me tell you, these ladies are some of the kindest, most thorough caregivers you will ever meet. Their office is homey and comforting. There is always a care provider there to attend to you so you will never sit for hours waiting. The midwives will guide you through your entire pregnancy with grace and understanding, while your person autonomy is always encouraged, they will gently offer all of the regular screening, testing and other pregnancy care steps that an OBGYN office would offer.

So questions you might have about choosing a midwife:

If I choose a midwife, do I need to have a home birth?

  • Absolutely not! If you choose a midwife, you will have the choice of where you plan to give birth. Some mama's feel safer in the hospital and that's OK! Others prefer the comfort of their own home. For seasoned mama's with more then one babe, this could be ideal as a way to involve other siblings. Some births begin at home and decide later to transfer to the hospital.

Am I assigned a specific midwife?

  • Yes, You will be assigned 1 specific midwife for the duration of you pregnancy, birth and 6 weeks postpartum. A second midwife is assigned for your birth whom is dedicated to caring for your newborn baby once they make it earthside.

When should I contact them?

  • Personally, I believe contacting them as soon as possible is the best practice. The midwives do book up quickly and if you want to ensure you get access to their service, the earlier the better!

Interested? Drop the a line!

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