Congratulations! If you are here, you are likely thinking about having a baby, or you are already expecting. Maybe this is not your first pregnancy and you would like to consider alternative care provide methods. Whether you have experienced birth trauma, and just want extra support or you just like the idea of a more natural approach, Quinte West has some great options for you!

The Quinte Midwives are a wonderful alternative to the traditional OBGYN. They are highly trained professionals who have a beautiful clinic in Belleville, Ontario and care from women of all ages and walks of life in a professional, choice base care model. They work along side health professionals in the local hospitals, or you may consider the use of the birthing centre, or maybe the comfort of your own home is appealing. I had the blessing of being able to utilize the Midwives for the birth of my son, Peyton. It was a wonderful experience and so convenient for me!

Fearless Wellness Centre is a woman based team of professionals that encompasses the woman as a whole. They are located in downtown Trenton and have several Doulas all trained in Birth & Postpartum Care. This centre also offers therapy, holistic treatments, yoga, dance, pre-natal education and even a child drop in so that Mama's can get out and socialize with their baby or toddler.

Womankind Doula Services is a privately operated Doula services owned and operated by Sophia Stickland in Belleville, Ontario. Sophia has a great passion for working with women to develope a pregnancy and birth that is informed, supported and stress-fee.