Josslyn Marie Photography stands as a premier choice for maternity portraits in Belleville and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), renowned for capturing stunning imagery that celebrates the essence of motherhood. As an esteemed member of the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International, Josslyn Marie brings award-winning expertise to every session.

Step into a serene world of maternity photography with Josslyn Marie Photography, where the beauty and anticipation of new life are artfully preserved. Josslyn Marie's approach is delicate yet powerful, crafting timeless images that honor the unique journey of pregnancy. Recognizing the profound changes your body undergoes during pregnancy, she offers a wide selection of size-inclusive gowns, fabrics, and accessories to complement your growing bump.

Josslyn Marie believes in celebrating the beauty of all women, ensuring each client feels empowered and cherished throughout their session. While many focus on newborn photography, Josslyn Marie passionately emphasizes the importance of capturing the early stages of this journey, where the magic of creating new life begins.

Her goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment for every client, allowing your inner goddess to shine brightly in each photograph. Maternity sessions are ideally scheduled between 28-34 weeks to capture the radiant essence of this transformative time. Trust Josslyn Marie Photography to beautifully preserve the memories of your maternity experience with artistry, empathy, and a commitment to celebrating your unique journey into motherhood.

The Collections

The Goddess Package

-2 hour in studio session

-25 High Res Digitals for download

-2 backdrop set ups

-Partner and other children included

-Access to all dresses and accessories

-Make-up included

$599 + hst

The Destination Package

-1 hour outdoor or in studio  session

-20 High Res Digitals

-Partner & Children Included

-1 dress included

$399 + hst

Maternity Mini

-30 minute indoor/outdoor session

-10 High Res Digitals

-Maternity Alone (no partner or children included)

-1 backdrop (light or dark)

-2 dresses/fabrics included

$199 + hst

Every image is meticulously crafted to perfection, offered in both color and timeless black and white versions at no additional cost. A $100 deposit secures your session, with the balance due on the day of your appointment, ensuring your commitment to the studio's dedicated time.

During your session, Josslyn Marie captures multiple poses, meticulously editing the best image from each to create a curated collection. This means you won't need to sift through images; Josslyn personally selects and delivers the finest results, reflecting her commitment to excellence and client trust.

. Josslyn Marie Photography ensures your maternity experience is not only beautiful but also tailored to your preferences, delivering exceptional imagery that celebrates this momentous chapter in your life.


One Beautiful Mama's Experience:

"I recently had maternity photos done with Joss-Lyn and I will forever treasure them! Not only are the photos perfect; capturing me pregnant with our second baby due to arrive in a few short weeks, but they also capture my fiancé and our daughter. It’s so special to be able to have these pictures of the three of us before we bring another baby into our family.

Joss-Lyn was so easy to work with, very laid back and it was just overall a comfortable environment and experience. Being a mom of a (very busy) toddler, I don’t get a lot of time to myself or time to do much for myself. Prior to our photos being taken, I was able to go to Joss-Lyn’s studio and have my makeup done for me! It was the first time in a number of years now that I’ve felt a little pampered and had time just for me. Joss-Lyn had some snacks and refreshments for me and it just made the experience feel special.

At her studio as well, Joss-Lyn has an abundance of dresses to chose from to wear during the photos. It was so nice to not have to worry ahead of time about finding something to wear for the photos and this also allowed a few different dresses to be worn throughout the session. When my daughter arrived, there were also a ton of adorable dresses for little girls to choose from for her to wear!

To top it all off, Joss-Lyn was amazingly patient with our daughter who of course in typical two year old toddler fashion, did not want to cooperate. I don’t know how she did it but Joss-Lyn managed to capture some truly beautiful pictures of our daughter!

Thank you Joss-Lyn, for capturing such beautiful memories for my family that I’ll cherish forever. The whole experience was wonderful, you were great to work with and I hope to get to again in the future! - Bobbi-lee Lawrence