Ontario Surrogacy

Quinte West- The Hub?

Over my recent years as a Maternity & Newborn photographer, I have been blessed to have been able to meet couples from all over the world... literally! I have met couples from the Netherlands, The UK, Australia... You name it. Their goal is always the same, to add the most precious gift to their family- a baby. I am always honoured to hear their story and document their beautiful journey. It is always a special treat when they arrive with enough time to fit in some maternity photos. I have also photographed births, as well as in studio and in home lifestyle sessions in the Greater Toronto Area.

Due to some of the restrictions -outdated ones I might add! Ontario has specifically become a very popular location for agencies to open to assist with locating intended families and making someone's dreams of becoming a parent, a reality. Many of these couples have had a journey that has taken them years and includes same sex couples, as well as couples who are facing fertility issues and may have experienced years of heartbreaking experiences.

Our local group, The Fearless Wellness team/Fearless Surrogacy has developed a very supportive and substantial centre. Included in their services is locating and supporting intended families and surrogates through the entire surrogacy journey, as well as therapeutic pre-natal services, postpartum support and doula services. Complete with a social worker, Reiki Master, Registered Massage Therapist and more. These ladies will aid in making your journey to parenthood simple and fulfilling.

I love working with Fearless Wellness Center and if you are new to surrogacy, or are looking for a surrogate, please contact Anna directly via their website: www.fearlesssurrogacy.com

Are you a surrogate or intended family coming to Ontario and would like to book with me? I specialize in documenting these memories and would love to hear from you! Please contact me at Hello@josslynmariephotography.ca