Golden Hour Photo Shoots

Why do photographers LOVE golden hour so much? Why do we ask you to keep your kiddos up past bedtime even though they may be cranky? Trust me, I know how tough that is, I have 4 children of my own! There are so many reasons why we prefer to shoot in the later evening hours. And here we will go over some of those, and hopefully you can love the thought of gorgeous sun kissed photos as well.

It goes without saying that the evening light has a magical feel to it. When worked properly, you end up with some of the most beautiful photos, the sun can be sparkling through the trees, sitting low behind you and your partner. Some of the more practical reasons include- not having sun shining in your eyes, so no squinting. High sun early in the day often casts very harsh shadows and highlights in your photos which can make editing and colour correction harder for your photographer unless we are shooting in the shade.

Quinte West and Trenton area has so many beautiful little spots, including conservation areas like Potters Creek, Proctor House, Sagers Conservation, as well as beautiful beaches throughout Brighton and Prince Edward County including my favourite spot- Point Petre, and Presquile.

Lets make some magic! Give your kiddos a nap and come out for a fun and inspiring photoshoot.