Dahlia May Flower Farm

One of my favourite things is to support other local businesses! Long before I became a photographer, I discovered Melanie's little flower stand on the side of the road in Stockdale. This was many years ago now, I used to live around the corner from her and way so excited at the time to see a local flower stand. Since then, I was watched Melanie's business bloom and grown into the biggest flower farm locally. Here you will fine some of the most beautiful flower arrangements and potted plants, in the winter you can buy seasonal wreaths and planters. These are always a favourite for my Christmas Minis.

One of the beautiful things, is how raw and honest Melanie is about her life, her story and all of the ups and downs of running an entrepreneurial business. I can relate and appreciate this so much! Running a business is hard, growing is hard. She is also probably one of the most generous people out there. Always donating to nursing homes, gifting potted plants for women;s day.

During the summer months, customer's can visit the farm and flower fields on the annual "Open Farm Days", The Grind & Vine has a little pop up and it makes for a really nice little afternoon stop! The flower fields also provide the perfect backdrop for Maternity and Family photos! Last year I hosted my first Flower Farm Mini date, and I can't wait to go back this summer! If you are looking to book a mini, please pop me an email. My date for Flower Mini's is August 14th, 2023.

If you are looking for the perfect spot to get local flowers, check out www.dahliamayflowerfarm.com