Beautiful comments left by clients...

"We had Joss-lynn in for a lifestyle photoshoot and as a mom of a newborn and a toddler it was fantastic to have her come to us. She was incredibly patient with our toddler who did not what to cooperate with photos at all. Now we have pictures of the 4 of us together and amazing photos of our new baby."

- Kaitlin Lyzun

"Josslyn was fantastic. my daughter peed all over and she laughed. she spent her time making sure everything was just right. She was so patient. My daughter was awake and wiggly. The photos turned out better then ever." Jennifer Barrett

"I absolutely loved the Christmas Truck Mini shoot we did! We had a 2 month old and a cranky toddler, and had to rush through it as quickly as we could......yet..... you'd never be able to tell from photos! This amazing photographer worked her magic and gave us such beautifully captured moments! Thank you again! I'd totally drive 1.5 hrs again to have pictures taken by her ♡"

-Saara Dines

"She did maternity photos for me to add to her profile! I was blown away- she’s a newer professional photographer and made me feel super comfortable! And the photos are great!"

- Amanda Casey

"We loved having Joss-lyn come to take our twins photos. She comes right to your house and brings all of her supplies. She even brought the swaddles and accessories for the babies. She was able to use the natural light in my house to take the most beautiful photos. She was so patient and gentle and has a calming energy that kept the babies chill.

My almost 2 year old was home and we were so lucky to get a picture done with her and her new siblings. I was surprised at how well she listened and followed Joss-lyn's instructions. She really is the baby whisperer!

The pictures are so gorgeous, and honestly, I can't stop looking at them! I show everyone who will look and have already recommended Joss-lyn to some pregnant friends."

- Shayna