Did someone say dinosaurs?

One of my son's favourite books is a Franklin The Turtle book where Franklin and his friends visit a large museum, complete with a dinosaur exhibit. Franklin has reservations about his trip to the museum because he is afraid of how large and scary they may be.

Well, I am here to tell you that the dinosaurs at the Quinte Museum Of Natural History do not disappoint! These are mostly replica pieces that the staff at Research Casting have carefully researched and have been created to scale all of these amazing creatures. Take a walk through the museum and witness a variety of species of dinosaurs and their impressive size. The museum is a hidden gem in the Quinte region and loved by kids and adults of all ages. Complete with a variety of educational information on all of its toothy residents.

Currently for the 2023 season, QMNH has announced a special Wale display. Come learn all about these stunning, beautiful creatures.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets, or supporting the research QMNH does, please visit www.quintemuseum.ca